Have You Heard? Peggy Gou – Han Jan

Peggy Gou – Han Jan

A danceable melting pot of sound from the Berlin-based DJ and producer.

Berlin-based Peggy Gou has spent the last two years establishing herself as a club DJ, filling her sets with house, electro and techno. It makes perfect sense then that her upcoming EP ‘Once’ would blend all of these elements together, combining her influences into a melting pot built for the dancefloor. 

On her new track ‘Han Jan’ she forms her own tribute to the electro music of the 90s, with the biggest inspirations being DMX Krew, Drexciya and Maurice Fulton, but also the likes of Japanese musician and producer Haruomi Hosono. Harnessing these different elements, Peggy slices together a panorama of sound, one where ethereal synth sweeps and bassy melodies rustle up against more mechanical, pulsating beats. 

It’s also only the second time that Peggy’s contributed her own vocals to a track, and here she offers up quick-fire raps in Korean alongside a more languid hook: “you’ve got to do it right, enjoy your night”. Here, Peggy delivers all of the ingredients to help you do so. 

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