Listen: Listen to Elegant Slims’ eerie debut track ‘Not Human’

Listen to Elegant Slims’ eerie debut track ‘Not Human’

The New York-based electro-pop newcomer makes a strong start.

Anonymous NYC-based electro-pop newcomer Elegant Slims emerges with debut track ‘Not Human’ today, and we’ve got the first play of her striking entrance on DIY.

A thumping, uncompromising introduction, ‘Not Human’ places Elegant Slims in a brilliant, flexible middle-ground between synth pop and harder, heavily produced sounds that flirt with the world of techno.

Telling us about the track over email, she says: “this song is about the darkness we know exists in the world. it conveys the process by which a human becomes non human or sells their soul,  so to speak.  there is a lot of that going on right now. the space where madness and animal instincts take over, either for pleasure or for power.

“its a fascinating layered existence to be human and then to unravel. this is the tightrope song of that dance. elegant slims is an outlet for examining the human mind, pleasure, pain, and creative expression. hope you enjoy the ride.’ 

Listen to ‘Not Human’ below.

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