Watch: Liima share a new video for ‘Jonathan, I Can’t Tell You’

Liima share a new video for ‘Jonathan, I Can’t Tell You’

Their album ‘1982’ came out last year.

Liima released their latest album ‘1982’ last year. 

Now they’ve got an intimate new video for one of its tracks, ‘Jonathan, I Can’t Tell You’, which has been directed by Catarina Neves Ricci. Catarina explains: “I always intended to bring to mind the relevance of one’s intimate, sacred, and private spheres” she explains. “When in an intimate space, we can lose ourselves to more sensual and erotic dynamics. We allow ourselves to indulge (in time, food, interaction); we more easily allow ourselves to dance and touch; we naturally go for more cosy dynamics. When indoors, in our zone, time is usually more slow paced. The perception of time and space are also different as we interact with it in a different way: be naked, lay on the floor, sit on tables, do nothing”. 

She continued: “There’s a beauty in the private and intimate spaces that we all recognise, because we all need it. “Jonathan, I Can’t Tell You” is a moment to allow ourselves; to lose ourselves to an uncomplicated, indulgent and more feminine universe, with no repression of any kind”. 

Earlier this year, Liima shared ‘Always’, a previously-hidden track from ‘1982’. They’re also set to head to this year’s Haven Festival

Watch the video for ‘Jonathan, I Can’t Tell You’ below. 

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