Neu Pick: Nakhane shares video for Interloper’

​Nakhane shares video for ‘Interloper’

Sound the sequin suit klaxon for today’s Neu Pick.

Every weekday, DIY’s new music know-it-all Neu brings you one essential new release to get obsessed with. Today’s Neu Pick comes from Nakhane.

Ahead of releasing his second album ‘You Will Not Die’ on 16th March, rising talent Nakhane has shared his latest cut ’Interloper’. With a video that sees the artist donning a spangly sequinned suit and dancing in amongst the static gospel choir that provide backing vocals, it’s a soulful, shadowy offering that chimes, broods and shimmers. 

“I spent about 3 years writing ‘Interloper’,” Nakhane explains. ”It first started out as a Pornography-era The Cure homage. Then it morphed into a slow, acoustic Iron & Wine thing. Ben Christophers (producer) and I decided to make it a stomp and a romp. Something that one could spin around to. Even though it’s a song about irrational jealousy and anonymous sex.”

Nakhane grew up in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, and his music as a whole unpacks his complex feelings around growing up queer in a deeply religious community. “Every day of my life, I was doing all I possibly could to be like everyone else, to be heterosexual,” he reflects. “I was even convinced I would be able to ‘heal’ my homosexuality. I was living in constant fear; controlling myself at all times.”

In stark constrast, ‘Interloper’ - much like previous singles ’Presbyteria’ and ‘Clairvoyant’ - bursts with energy and resistance. Watch Nakhane’s video below.

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