Watch: Dizzee Rascal shares a new video for ‘Ghost’

Dizzee Rascal shares a new video for ‘Ghost’

The stylish clip accompanies the track from last year’s ‘Raskit’.

Dizzee Rascal released his latest album ‘Raskit’ last year and now he’s got a new video for one of its tracks, ‘Ghost’.

In it, Dizzee takes a look at the high-fashion, decadent side of modern Paris. It’s a stylish clip directed by Laura Weaver and produced by Iconoclast.

Speaking to i-D, director Laura said: “I wanted to make a video in which women are the main characters, where they are free and feel alive. Where if they twerk, it’s only for themselves, not for the rapper. I wanted to play with rap codes, to challenge the sense behind the folklore — the aimless walking around, the money, the luxury… I wanted to see what happens when we transpose it to women. It’s a rap video that makes fun of rap videos.”

She also said that the clip was also informed by “Naomi Campbell for Versace 1995”. She continued: “Black, empowered women, both sexy and chic, but above all charismatic and confident. The kind of women everyone would want to follow all around Paris”.

Watch the video for ‘Ghost’ below.

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