Watch: HalfNoise gets psychedelic in the video for ‘Flowerss’

HalfNoise gets psychedelic in the video for ‘Flowerss’

Zac Farro and co’s new EP of the same name is out in May.

A couple of weeks ago, Zac Farro and co announced that the new HalfNoise EP, ‘Flowerss’, would be out on 4th May through Congrats. 

They also shared the title track, which now has a psychedelic, trippy new video courtesy of director Alex Kranzusch (aka Ghostpoop). Alex used different types of media to paint over and warp Zac’s performance of the track for the clip.

Alex said of the video: “I experimented with different mediums that I felt reflected the spontaneous energy felt letting ‘Flowerss’ fill my brain for the past month or so. I used both watercolor and pastels to animate some of the layers that paired with the guitar leads, and digital brushes to animate more of the chugging guitars and heavier drums. I was inspired by late 70s, American animators like Suzan Pitt. I really love her willingness to experiment with different mediums to create and contribute to her narrative in the short film ‘Asparagus’. It was this sensibility that reminded me of Zac’s approach to creating his art”.

We recently caught up with Zac Farro to talk about travel, photography and more in ‘Anything But’. Read the full interview here

Watch the video for ‘Flowerss’ below.

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