Watch: Arcade Fire share new short film ‘Money + Love’

Arcade Fire share new short film ‘Money + Love’

The video incorporates ‘Everything Now’ tracks ‘Put Your Money On Me’ and ‘We Won’t Deserve Love’.

Earlier this week, Arcade Fire revealed that they were set to release a new video/short film called ‘Money + Love’.

The clip is out now, and serves as a video for ‘Everything Now’ tracks ‘Put Your Money on Me’ and ‘We Don’t Deserve Love’. It was directed by David Wilson, and features actor Toni Collette along with the band.

Speaking about the new film, Wilson says: ”The ambition and scale of the piece was huge from the outset. I adore working with Arcade Fire - reacting to their vision and scale is a beautiful thing to creatively respond to. The belief and trust in me from the band made this one of the best experiences of my career.

“It’s an as-close-to-perfect collaboration that I can think of with me and Win hitting emails backwards and forwards continually over the formation of the script. The connection, communication and enthusiasm from the band on the multiple shoot days led to an extremely tight bond. I’m super excited for this to be out in the world.”

Watch ‘Money + Love’ below.

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