Watch: Watch Liam Gallagher join The Killers on stage in Brazil

Watch Liam Gallagher join The Killers on stage in Brazil

Is it a stage invader? Nope, it’s r’kid!

Brandon Flowers is pretty used to headlining massive festivals by now, drawing the set to a close with the anthemic ‘All These Things I’ve Done’ and receiving a heroes’ welcome.

What he probably isn’t so used to, though, is reaching the track’s iconic refrain and turning around to find a beaming Liam Gallagher - more than a few Caipirinhas down by the look of things - bounding his way on stage like a little puppy dog.

After a few moments of panic, Brandon grabs r’kid and presents him to the crowd - “it’s fucking Liam Gallagher!”.

Liam squats down for a second, composing himself, before giving The Killers a wave and heading on his merry way. A guest spot to sing “I got soul but I’m not a soldier”? Playing on the next track and arriving early? Nah, literally just popping on stage to say hi to his made Brandon and 50,000 Brazilians. Liam Gallagher. What a man. Watch it below, along with Brandon proceeding to run through a rendition of Oasis track ‘Gas Panic’ in his honour.

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