Interview Matt Maltese announces debut album ‘Bad Contestant’

Matt Maltese announces debut album ‘Bad Contestant’

The South Londoner will release his debut this June.

Hurrah! South London crooner Matt Maltese has announced details of his debut album.

Recorded over twelve days in Los Angeles with Foxygen’s Jonathan Rado after sessions with Alex Burey, Matt’s first full-length is titled ‘Bad Contestant’ and will be released on 1st June through Atlantic Records.

The album’s eleven tracks in length and features previous track ‘As The World Caves In’ as well as recent single ‘Greatest Comedian’. Check out the tracklisting below.

1. Greatest Comedian
2. Bad Contestant
3. Sweet 16
4. Like A Fish
5. Nightclub Love
6. Less And Less
7. Misery
8. Strange Time
9. Guilty
10. As The World Caves In
11. Mortals

He’s also unveiled new track ‘Like A Fish’, and answered a few questions for us on the new album to boot. Check both his answers and new song below. 

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Hi Matt! So, your debut album is finally here! How does it feel?

It feels like the end of something in a good way, and the beginning of whatever’s next.

Has the record been in the works since the beginning of Matt Maltese The Artist as we know him, or is it a relatively new set of songs?

It’s a new set of songs - most were written last summer and then recorded in November. I think because the process of releasing music so far has involved a lot of discovering and rediscovering, I really wanted this to feel like a picture of the moment - and of course wanted to album to feel like a body of work rather than an amalgamation of different iterations of myself.

You were the first Brit to head out to Jonathan Rado’s East Coast studio - an honour! How did you adapt to the LA lifestyle?

Well, I was there for 12 days and really just walked between the studio and where I was staying, but i think I became a lot more relaxed and uninhibited whilst making music out there. The weather and the people in the studio all helped with that. Sadly I didn’t have a chance to eat wild red avocados and sun salute.

The album’s artwork sees you at a dinner party - what’s your dish of choice to whip up for guests? 

My Italian grandmother makes the risotto of your dreams and she taught me… I’d say that’s my best, not that it’s a hard race to win.

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