Listen: Berlin-via-Manchester’s Wedding share the gorgeous ‘Hands In The Till’

Berlin-via-Manchester’s Wedding share the gorgeous ‘Hands In The Till’

The band are releasing a new 7” and zine via Art Is Hard Records next month.

Berlin-via Manchester five-piece Wedding are releasing a new 7” via the Bristol-based Art Is Hard next month, and we’ve got the first play of its first track, ‘Hands In The Till’.

A breezy indie-pop cut, the track is helmed by gorgeous melodies and stabs of dissonant guitar, and backed by a rollocking drum beat that gives the track an unstoppable power.

Speaking about the track in a press release, the band’s Thomas Craig says: “Hands In The Till was born from a period of extreme disillusionment with pursuing music as my first love since I was 15.

“I know I’m good at writing music but it doesn’t even matter. Pursuing this for anything other than the basics drives you insane and away from the realness. So I decided I would give up. No more chasing this musical dream as a thing. I found the moment I did that I had a great spree of songs true to myself and the 15 year old me who thought anyone can do like Kurt Cobain and mean it. 
“I was heavily depressed working a zero hours part-time job to enable a musical dream that didn’t exist, it had to stop. Having a hand in the till seemed like a funny spin on how shit my future prospects had become. An end became a beginning. Wedding gave up on Music. Accidentally ditching the wet and soggy for the large and poppy.”

The new 7” comes out on 11th May via Art Is Hard and the Eyes & Ears Zine Series. Pre-order a flexidisc 7”/zine here, and listen to ‘Hands In The Till’ below.

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