Listen: HalfNoise share ‘All That Love Is’

HalfNoise share ‘All That Love Is’

Zac Farro’s project is releasing its new EP ‘Flowerss’ next May.

Zac Farro’s project HalfNoise are releasing their new EP ‘Flowerss’ next month, and have shared a new track from it.

‘All That Love Is’ precedes the new collection’s release, out on 4th May, and follows the EP’s title track.

Zac recently took on our Anything But… challenge, where we grill our faves on, well, anything but the music.

“I felt so weird – I felt so grown up because I had lived in this 25 – 45 year old world since I was 13 [to tour with Paramore], through to when I was 20.,” he told us of his period living in New Zealand.

“I was really unbalanced; I was really mature in some ways, but then as far as life experience goes, I just didn’t have it. There was no better place than to go there and reset. I started skateboarding, surfing and I felt like a teenager again. I would do road trips and bought a van; I would literally sleep in my van and I lived in it for nine months.”

Read the feature in full here, and listen to ‘All That Love Is’ below.

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Photo: Emma Swann / DIY

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