Watch: Bristol’s Poisonous Birds share mind-bending video for ‘Little Puzzle’

Bristol’s Poisonous Birds share mind-bending video for ‘Little Puzzle’

The band’s ‘Big Water’ EP came out earlier this year.

Bristol’s Poisonous Birds released their new EP ‘Big Water’ earlier in the year, and have now shared a mind-bending video for its track ‘Little Puzzle’.

The clip, a collaboration with Bristol visual artist and filmmaker Isla Badenoch, perfectly complements the dark, swirling industrial feel of the track, a calm but insistent trip through reverberating synths and hushed vocals.

Talking about the track, the band say: This is a song about memory, and how it is selective. We don’t seem to be in control of what gets retained. Sometimes it’s the best bits, sometimes the worst.”

Expanding on the track’s video, vocalist Tom Ridley adds: “Isla’s a really old friend of mine - we had lost touch for years but recently reconnected. When I showed Isla the song and described its context, she said I had to see some footage she’d shot for an art project last year that explored similar feelings. We started throwing together the clips with the music and it immediately made sense and heightened both pieces.”

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Photo: Sam Nahirny

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