Neu Pick: Luke Marzec previews debut EP ‘Chances’ with the gorgeous ‘Will We Ever Carry On’

Luke Marzec previews debut EP ‘Chances’ with the gorgeous ‘Will We Ever Carry On’

The track - and its new video - is today’s Neu Pick.

Every weekday, DIY’s new music know-it-all Neu brings you one essential new release to get obsessed with. Today’s Neu Pick comes from Luke Marzec.

With last year’s track ‘Another Guy’, London’s Luke Marzec stepped out on his own after plying his trade as a session musician, and truly caught our eye.

The singer and producer is now releasing his debut EP ‘Chances’ at the end of the month, and our Neu Pick today is his new video for the brilliant, affecting ‘Will We Ever Carry On’.

Set over a slinky trip-hoppy beat, the singer’s vocals shine once again, at once gritty and impeccably clear. The gorgeous black-and-white video, shot by Savannah Setten, just adds to the serene yet slightly on-edge atmosphere.

Speaking about the EP to us over email, Luke says: ”When I made this EP I was working a near minimum wage job managing my local pizza place in South East London. I saved up money to buy recording equipment and just began playing around. I was instantly inspired and motivated by my ability to surprise myself with nice sounds and recordings - I neither knew how to work the equipment properly or how to produce, and I didn’t have any expectations about what I would be making. I tried things out and chanced upon moments. When I captured something raw and beautiful, I would then craft these musical accidents into a piece of music, finding interesting ways to work the samples.

A new business development manager was brought into the pizzeria to make it “big - and quick”. He quickly managed to destroy the atmosphere of respect and camaraderie we all shared. It made me sad and angry at how this pained man treated his workers. I left the job after a very explosive and almost violent argument with him - he made me into a person I’m not. Will We Ever Carry On emerged out of coming home every day with this weight on me. And I think the song came about because of that - working out how we deal with the shit in our lives, and if we will just take it or change something. Musically, I was at odd-ends with the track so I shared it with David Dabieh - one of the co-founders of our arts collective CloudX - in the studio one day. We ended up just singing and talking freely to each other about the world and everything, about how different we are, about where the world is headed. The talking sample is from that. 

Savannah, the director, created the video to touch on ideas of trauma and mental health - parts of the song I had never thought about too much. I liked her initial idea and let her take the reins to create whatever she wanted with it. We won the ‘best music video’ award at the Romford Film Festival for it.”

Marzec is set to play a pair of UK shows next month, including a set at Brighton’s Great Escape. ‘Chances’ comes out on 27th April.

View the dates and watch the new video below.

18 Brighton, The Great Escape
23 London, Peckham Liberal Club