News Father John Misty covers Lana Del Rey’s ‘Ride’ at fancy Los Angeles bash

Father John Misty covers Lana Del Rey’s ‘Ride’ at fancy Los Angeles bash

Lana was being honoured with the ‘Global Impact Award’ at the ASCAP Pop Music Awards.

Monday night saw the ASCAP Pop Music Awards take place in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles - an industry bash celebrating songwriters. Among the honourees was Lana Del Rey, receiving the ceremony’s Global Impact Award.

As part of this, a(n extra beardy) Father John Misty performed a cover of Lana’s 2012 single ‘Ride’.

“It strikes me as vaguely ironic to give a songwriting award to someone who just seems to effortlessly radiate songs, but I know how hard you work and what you do and I think everybody else does,” said Papa John on the night. “You can take all the crack songwriters and put them in a bunker for a thousand years and they would not come up with ‘I Fucked My Way [up] to the Top’ ever.”

Watch a looooovely, very very high-quality video of his take on ‘Ride’ below.

Father John Misty’s new album, ‘God’s Favorite Customer’, is released in June.

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