Neu pick Tropics bring woozy lounge pop on ‘Never Letting Go’

Tropics bring woozy lounge pop on ‘Never Letting Go’

It’s the latest track from Hampshire-born Chris Ward.

Every weekday, DIY’s new music know-it-all Neu brings you one essential new release to get obsessed with. Today’s Neu Pick comes from Tropics.

Tropics - the nom-de-plume of Hampshire-born, London-based Chris Ward - has been bubbling away relatively under the surface for a while now. On the cusp of his third LP, the multi-instrumentalist isn’t as much of a newbie as many of our Neu faves, but on the strength of ‘Never Letting Go’ he deserves a brighter spotlight.

A woozy, psych-tinged dose of hazy lounge pop, his latest wraps you up in a soft sonic blanket, spinning falsetto vocals and layered washes of lilting synths into a gently hypnotic, four-minute treat.

Here’s what Chris has to say about it: “I was living in a strange, new environment and spending a lot of time alone reflecting back on some things. This song is reflecting upon a past time and highlighting a lack of control, still stuck, hanging on to it. Whether that be a mentality, a person, an emotion, an experience, nostalgia or homesickness. I think it was all of those thrown in together that had me howling like this.”

Listen below.

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