Interview: Her’s get ready for Live At Leeds: ”We’re both feeling very musically pregnant”

Her’s get ready for Live At Leeds: “We’re both feeling very musically pregnant”

We speak to the Liverpool duo ahead of their show at the Leeds one-day festival this weekend.

Liverpool duo Her’s - made up of Audun Laading and Stephen Fitzpatrick - have been on our radar for a while now, making delightful, woozy jangle-pop that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

One of our Class of 2018 artists, they released their first collection of tracks ‘Songs of Her’s’ last year and this year have been busy working on their debut full-length whilst playing shows all around the UK.

This weekend the band will be playing at Live At Leeds, on the DIY Stage at the Brudenell Social Club, no less! We caught up with them ahead of the show…

What’s new in the world of Her’s?

We’re both feeling very musically pregnant, so maybe you can expect some kinda weird looking offspring in the not so distant future… Otherwise we’re setting off to Bangkok today for some intense exotic sensory input!

How are you looking forward to festival season?

We’re big fans of tenting, and if you can tent while seeing your favourite artist what could be better? We can even tent next to them sometimes, it’s all about inter-tent networking connections.

Do you have any particularly vivid or interesting memories of being in Leeds?

We actually played our second ever gig in Leeds at the Fenton supporting Trudy and the Romance on Valentine’s Day! Audy had to run off stage for a taxi to the airport to France, and this really nice guy Ste met called Charlie, ended up getting one bomb randomly on the way down town! Wild times! 

The last time we saw you, there was no more Pierce. What happened to him?

We had somebody kidnap our pocket sized Pierce last time we played in Glasgow! So, while he lives on in our hearts, we’ve got his slightly lager than life reincarnation with us now, it’s just that we can’t bring him on the train…

Her’s play Live At Leeds this weekend (Saturday 5th May). Tickets are available here.

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