Have You Heard? Spring King - Animal

Spring King - Animal

A blistering return, packed with punchy guitars and massive ambition.

Spring King’s brilliant debut album - 2016’s ‘Tell Me If You Like To’ - was packed to the rafters with intense, furious riffs and choruses for days, underpinned with an infectious energy.

Far from easing themselves back in with their first new material since the full-length, new single ‘Animal’ is even more instant. Barging down the door with a riff of gigantic proportions, lifted from the Josh Homme school of shredding, Tarek Musa sounds more inspired than ever, egging his bandmates on through a track destined to incite sweaty, fervent moshpits.

The track’s chorus then bursts in, contrasting the song’s ever-present, dirty riff with sparkling synths into a brilliant, cacophonous mess. Its new video - which depicts the band heading through a pretty gruesome clinical trial at the doctors’ - only serves to ramp up the nervous, untamed energy of ‘Animal’.

A single in the truest sense, in its three minutes, ‘Animal’ reintroduces Spring King with the force of a bulldozer, and could just point towards a chart-topping, festival-headlining future.

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Photo: Hollie Fernando

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