News Justice announce ‘new’ album, ‘Woman World Wide’

Justice announce ‘new’ album, ‘Woman World Wide’

It’s a live studio recording of their 2016 album, ‘Woman’.

Justice have announced a new - or new-ish - album. ‘Woman World Wide’, which they announced at yesterday’s Google I/O conference in California (natch), is a live studio recording of their 2016 record, ‘Woman’, a result of adapting songs to take on tour.

The track listing is:

Safe and Sound
Canon’ x ‘Love S.O.S.
Genesis’ x ‘Phantom
Pleasure’ x ‘Newjack’ x ‘Helix’ x ‘Civilization
Heavy Metal’ x ‘DVNO
Love S.O.S.
Alakazam!’ x ‘Fire
Waters of Nazareth’ x ‘We Are your Friends’ x ‘Phantom 2’ x ‘Alakazam!
Audio, Video, Disco

Bonus track:
D.A.N.C.E.’ x ‘Fire’ x ‘Safe and Sound

Watch the video for ‘Stop’ below.

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Justice play Mad Cool (12th - 14th July) where DIY is an official media partner. Tickets are on sale now. Visit for more information.

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