Teme offer up expansive melancholy on ‘Hell’s Mouth’

Teme offer up expansive melancholy on ‘Hell’s Mouth’

The elusive group’s latest is an introspective gem.

There’s still little to be found out about elusive new project Teme. Having emerged back in April with debut single ‘bj.sadsong’ and little to nothing else, the band (or maybe singer, or maybe, IDK, hologram?) have kept the details on the down low, instead leaving the music to do the talking (maaaannnn).

Luckily, the music is saying some rather exciting things indeed. And on second track ‘Hell’s Mouth’ - named after the ominous-sounding North Welsh bay of the same name - Teme offer up the kind of expansive melancholy that should keep the intrigue flowing.

Full of slow-building, sweeping atmospherics, it’s a dusky gem that’s both intimate and widescreen, landing with a series of falsetto twists and turns at every corner.

So yeah, we don’t know loads about Teme. Except that they’re good. Which is all that matters really.

Listen below.

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