Interview Drenge: “We wanted to come back and remind people what we stand for”

Drenge: “We wanted to come back and remind people what we stand for”

Fresh from their Grand Re-Opening UK tour and ferocious new single ‘This Dance’, the Derbyshire duo are prepping a new album and ready to get firmly back in the ring.

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You’ve just come back from your Grand Re-Opening tour! How was it to get back out there?

It was great! I think we just went out there thinking it was just going to be a bit of fun, but every night seemed to be quite special and meaningful, which we were a bit surprised about! We were a bit worried that if you take time out, you’ll fade into obscurity. Weirdly though, being away seemed to boost our value. We should’ve stayed away for longer and we’d be massive!

And you’ve got four people on stage now!

We do! It’s been great to be able to translate stuff in a different way, and play older songs that we never got the chance to. Rory [Loveless, drummer] said he’s trying to make us Britain’s Biggest Two-Piece!

You’ve just returned with new single ‘This Dance’ - was it a relief to finally get it out there?

It’s a bit different to what we’d normally do - it’s quite full-on. It’s full-on in the way that ‘I Need A Hero’ is full-on, ya know? And no-one’s said they hate it! It’s a dance-y track, but don’t put it on at weddings.

And can we expect more soon?

Yeah the album is done. It gets weirder and broader from there. The album started with a very flukey thing one evening. I was at home in my bedroom studio - Catshit Studios - and I was just building a song in a digital audio workstation, and I’d never really worked that way before. That’s not how a Drenge song normally comes about. You don’t wanna come back from your three years travelling and have completely changed [in sound], so we wanted to come back and remind people what we stand for, and I think ‘This Dance’ does that really well.

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