Listen Durham’s T-Shirt Weather demand honesty on the supremely catchy ‘Scratches’

T-Shirt Weather demand honesty on the supremely catchy ‘Scratches’

The trio’s new album ‘Dinner And A Show’ is out next month.

Durham trio T-Shirt Weather are releasing their second album ‘Dinner And A Show’ next month via Everything Sucks Music, and we’ve got the first play of its latest cut ‘Scratches’.

Following on from first preview ‘My Dad’s Blue Motion’, ‘Scratches’ is another enticingly catchy slice of indie-pop set over brilliantly tongue-in-cheek romanticism.

Telling us about the track, the band say: “‘Scratches’ is a very tongue in cheek song about failing to be honest with yourself and other people. It feels very pathetic and futile to write a song about your inane problems although it provides a cathartic rush. Kind of like a joke without a punchline. 

Musically, this song borrows heavily from the theme from ‘That Thing You Do!’ written and directed by Tom Hanks in 1996. Only as if the entire cast of that film were replaced by the members of Iron Maiden. 

Out of the ashes of the harmonised guitar and questionable keyboard solo comes the clarity that only if you’re honest with yourself can you be honest with other people. It’s a little cynical but i think that’s easiest and best for everyone.”

‘Dinner And A Show’ is out on 20th July via Everything Sucks Music - listen to ‘Scratches’ below and pre-order the album here.

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