It’s coming home George Ezra encourages fans to knock his own hit ‘Shotgun’ off the top spot

George Ezra encourages fans to knock his own hit ‘Shotgun’ off the top spot

Good ol’ Geoff has joined in the fight to get 1996’s iconic football anthem ‘Three Lions’ to Number 1.

In case you hadn’t heard yet: it’s coming home. And in an act of both humility and hilarity, George Ezra is now actively encouraging fans to knock his own track off the top spot of the Official Singles Chart, in favour of iconic football anthem ‘Three Lions’. 

For the past two weeks, Ezra’s brilliant ‘Staying At Tamara’s’ cut ‘Shotgun’ has been riding high at Number 1 in the UK Singles Charts, but now - as World Cup fever reaches, well, fever pitch and England head into the semi-finals to face Croatia - the singer has posted a video on his Twitter account, explaining that he wants fans to topple his own track in favour of the 1996 hit ‘Three Lions’. 

“THIS IS NOT A DRILL,” he wrote on the social media channel earlier today. “LET’S KNOCK SHOTGUN OFF NUMBER ONE WITH THREE LIONS.”

This all comes after ‘Three Lions’ - by David Baddiel, Frank Skinner and The Lightning Seeds - re-entered the Official Charts last week, 22 years after it originally hit the Number 1 spot. 

Check out George Ezra’s plea to fans below. 

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