Interview Pumarosa plan for Citadel 2018: “You can expect to hear some new songs in there”

Pumarosa, Glastonbury 2017 by Emma Swann
Photo: Emma Swann

We quizzed the band’s Isabel Munoz-Newsome about their upcoming performance​.

Another festival moving home for 2018 - taking place in the wilds of West London’s Gunnersbury Park - this year’s edition of Citadel will boast the UK exclusive set from headliners Tame Impala. Along with Kevin Parker’s return UK soil, the Aussies will be joined by acts including Chvrches, Leon Bridges, The Horrors and loads more.

Not only that, but we’ll once again be on site for another year of blissful musical fun, again bringing some of our faves to the DIY at Kopparberg Outsider stage. Alongside Class of 2018 crooner Matt Maltese and the whip-smart guitars os Ten Tonnes, we also have Pumarosa closing out the evening. 

Ahead of the festival, we quizzed the band’s Isabel Munoz-Newsome about their upcoming performance. 

Hello Isabel! What’s new in the world of Pumarosa?
We’re working on the new album, so there’s lots of new songs flying around. New energy.

…excited to begin festival season, we assume?
We love playing out, so yeah, looking forward to more of that. It can be good to play to a crowd who are already a bit wavy, in the spirit of things. It’s quite different to a regular gig.

What can we expect from your set headlining the DIY at Kopparberg Outsider?
You can expect to hear some new songs in there. We are playing using a Moog these days, no bassist. We changed some tunes for a ravey set we did a little while ago, and now that’s all we wanna do.

Citadel’s found a new home - what’s the first thing you do when moving into a new place?
I just moved, and the first thing I’ve done is to move my piano in. I love her. And if I am in a house without a piano I don’t know why I’m there. Need candles too. I just can’t seem to leave this new place. I’m sat in here and it’s 30 degrees outside. But it’s peaceful.

Pumarosa play Citadel (15th July), on the DIY at Kopparberg Outside stage, where DIY is an official media partner. Tickets are on sale now. Visit for more information.

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