Listen Listen to two new remixes of Gorillaz‘Humility’ by Superorganism and DJ Koze

Listen to two new remixes of Gorillaz’ ‘Humility’ by Superorganism and DJ Koze

Gorillaz’ new album ‘The Now Now’ is out now.

Gorillaz have released two remixes of ‘Humility’ by Superorganism and DJ Koze. The track is taken from the band’s latest album ‘The Now Now’, which was released at the end of last month.

DJ Koze takes things in a more chilled out direction on his track, whilst Superorganism infuse the song with their indie-pop magic, with the band’s Orono Noguchi joining in on lead vocals. 

‘The Now Now’ is Gorillaz’ sixth studio album and is out now via Parlophone. In our four-star review, we praised the album being a more “spaced-out affair” than last year’s ‘Humanz’ where it feels “easy to just sit back and listen”.

Listen to the tracks below.

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