Come onnnnnn: Vampire Weekend played five new songs in Chicago last night

Vampire Weekend played five new songs in Chicago last night

But you can’t hear any of them yet. Soz.

Continuing the steady stream of incredibly tantalising but largely unfulfilling Vampire Weekend news that’s been coming our way in the last few days, it’s now surfaced that the band played five new tracks in Chicago last night - but you can’t hear any of them.

As Stereogum reports, the band played Chicago’s Metro last night (Sunday August 5th) following on from the night before’s Lollapalooza set in which singer Ezra Koenig revealed that the record was finished.

After the main portion of the set, Ezra sat on a speaker and played four new tracks from an aux cable before being joined by the rest of the band to play through one further new offering, live.

Of course, the show had a mobile phone ban - hence the lack of videos. But one Reddit use did comment the following:

“The new stuff was very cool and def good but looking forward to hearing it on good headphones. Last song he played was my favorite easily. The best way I could describe the sound is a more spacey and empty sounding record, almost reminiscent of [Fleet Foxes’] Crack Up in parts, but VERY bright and sunny — a summertime sound with almost a protest song sound vibe to them (no political lyrics I heard or anything like that), and then big dense flashes of instrumentation with heavy percussion and a slick almost sexy taste of 70s funk licks. Going to be an interesting record.”

The wait continues…

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