Festivals Fatherson, Liza Anne and more join DIY x fritz-kola stage at Reeperbahn Festival

Fatherson, Liza Anne and more join DIY x fritz-kola stage at Reeperbahn Festival
Photo: Lindsay Melbourne

We also speak to Whenyoung about their slot for us at the Hamburg fest this Friday (21st September).

We’re heading to Hamburg’s Reeperbahn Festival this weekend, and hosting a stage in association with fritz-kola.

We’re taking over the Heiligengrundplatz (that’s the Holy Ghost Field, for all you non-German speakers), on Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd September, as part of the newly-launched Music and Art Festival Village.

Last week, we announced that Whenyoung, LIFE, The Homesick and Blackout Problems would be joining us, and we’re now delighted to reveal the full line-up for the stage.

On Friday, Whenyoung, The Homesick and Blackout Problems will be joined by Georgia-based folk singer Liza Anne, while on Friday, LIFE will be joined by Black Sea Dahu, Fatherson, Part-Time Friends and Monowhales.

The action on Friday will kick off at 3pm and run through ‘til Whenyoung’s headline set at 7pm, while Saturday starts with Black Sea Dahu at 12.45pm, and Monowhales round things off at 7.30pm.

In advance of the festival, we speak to Whenyoung - who released their new single ‘Given Up’ today (19th September) about their festival season, new bands they’re backing for success, and how their German lessons are coming along…

Get a taster for this year’s festival with our video from Reeperbahn 2017, view the full poster for the DIY x fritz-kola stage and check out our Whenyoung Q&A below.

Check out all the bands and more on the Reeperbahn website.

Fatherson, Liza Anne and more join DIY x fritz-kola stage at Reeperbahn Festival

How has your summer of festivals been, Whenyoung?

Non-stop fun! We got to play all of these festivals for the first time and enjoyed every minute of it from the safety of the backstage area with the clean toilets…

Any particular highlights so far?

Truck and All Together Now probably had the best crowds! Latitude was the most fun because we camped and stayed the weekend. We played the Castlefield Bowl with Paul Heaton and Buzzcocks in June and Drew asked Paul Heaton (not knowing what he looked like) if he was the venue rep, that was an interesting one.

Reeperbahn is chock full of buzzy new bands: who are your favourite new acts?

At the moment we’re liking Nilüfer Yanya, bLANC, Isaac Gracie, Crewel Intentions and Fontaines DC from Ireland.

Do any of you speak good German? And if so, what do you think the #1 phrase to memorise for the festival would be?

No, we’re are absolutely useless. I just typed in to google translate the most important phrase I could think of: Servierst du Guinness?

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