Listen Girlpool announce new album ‘What Chaos Is Imaginary’

Girlpool announce new album ‘What Chaos Is Imaginary’

Listen to ‘Hire’, the first single from the duo’s third album, out in February via ANTI-.

Girlpool have announced details of their third album! ’What Chaos Is Imaginary’ will come out next February via ANTI-.

The album was previewed by two recent singles - ‘Lucy’s’ and ‘Where You Sink’ - and the band have now shared a third teaser in the form of the album’s lead single ‘Hire’.

“I was experiencing a lot of mental health issues,” says Harmony Tividad of the record’s title. “That song comes from a place of being disconnected from reality. The world is so complicated. It’s hard to believe in magic, or that anything exists.”

Cleo Tucker expands: ”It’s hard for me to feel completion without achieving a vision that I have. I’ll imagine the kind of climate I want to create inside a song. Once I fall in love with the direction, it’s getting there that can take time.”

‘What Chaos Is Imaginary’ comes out on 1st February via ANTI-. Listen to ‘Hire’ and view the album’s tracklisting below.

01 Lucy’s
02 Stale Device
03 Where You Sink
04 Hire
05 Pretty
06 All Blacked Out
07 Chemical Freeze
08 Lucky Joke
09 Minute In Your Mind
10 What Chaos Is Imaginary
11 Hoax and the Shrine
12 Swamp and Bay
13 Joseph’s Dad
14 Roses

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