Neu Pick Oxford trio Lacuna Common share the sprightly, anthemic indie of ‘Lack Of Knowledge’

Oxford trio Lacuna Common share the sprightly, anthemic indie of ‘Lack Of Knowledge’

We also get to know the band - who support Hinds and Sports Team in their hometown tonight (19th November) - in a new interview.

New Oxford-based trio Lacuna Common are supporting Hinds and Sports Team at The Bullingdon in their hometown tonight (19th November), and we’re sharing their new single ‘Lack Of Knowledge’ in advance.

The single - which gets its digital release on Friday (23rd November) - is an indie banger through and through. From the thunderous opening stabs of guitar, the track pelts forwards, backed by an intoxicating youthful enthusiasm.

The track’s chorus is a monster, and it’s not at all hard to imagine hearing it from the depths of a moshpit in a sweaty back room of a pub. The song concerns those who are lazy and uninspired, and in biting back against this mindset, ‘Lack Of Knowledge’ shows Lacuna Common as a band with an untameable, fizzy energy.

Listen to ‘Lack Of Knowledge’ and get to know the band in our Q&A with vocalist Alfie Franks below. They play The Bullingdon in Oxford with Hinds and Sports Team tonight (19th November).

How did Lacuna Common come to be?

Me and Tom have been best mates since we were around three or four years old. I met Gabe through working at a local bike shop with him in our mid teens, and discovered we had a mutual love of guitar music, so we eventually ended up going to gigs together - where I introduced him to Tom. Naturally, they got on like a house on fire, and about two months later we were at our first rehearsal.

Take us through the story behind ‘Lack Of Knowledge’

The track itself was written in about 30 minutes, like most of our tracks. We like to write quickly and not think about it too deeply. If a song doesn’t feel right immediately we will scrap it off.

Lyrically, it’s based on a few people we often see down the pub or out in our hometown. A lot of young people round there tend to not do anything with their lives … They’re just happy to go and cheat on their girlfriends at weekends and waste all their money.

Speaking of lacking in knowledge, what’s one thing you wish you knew more about?

The ocean - apparently there’s still 95% yet to be explored, so we’re gonna go down in a submarine and find out what’s going on down there. Might even play a gig down there.

Oxford is known for bigger acts like Radiohead and Foals, but what’s the local scene like in 2018?

The local scene has really picked up recently - it’s like one big family, really, with bands like Willie J Healey, Premium Leisure, Self Help and Be Good. We really feel like we’ve been accepted - if you will - into the scene, which is wicked. It just makes playing shows and going to them so much more fun, because everyone backs each other so much.

What’s next for the three of you?

After our show tonight supporting Hinds and Sports Team (Monday 19th) we will be playing The Bullingdon in Oxford on 21st December with our good friends Self Help, followed by some more shows in the new year and another single to follow around January. So keep ‘em peeled.

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