News Weezer are working on two new albums

Weezer are working on two new albums

The band also recently played ‘Living In LA’ and a barbershop-style ‘Buddy Holly’ on the Tonight Show.

After Weezer (finally) announced ‘The Black Album’ last year, it turns out they’re already working on not one - but two! - new albums.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, the band’s Rivers Cuomo explained that the band are already working on two albums worth of new material.

“What I’ve been working on the last two weeks is back to big guitars. Blue Album-ish, but a little more riffy. The working title is Van Weezer,” he said. “The inspiration came from our live shows, where, in the middle of ‘Beverly Hills,’ unlike on the album, everything stops and I just break out with this crazy guitar solo. We noticed that, recently, the crowd just goes crazy when I do that. So it feels like maybe the audience is ready for some shredding again.”

He added: “Van Weezer is in mortal combat with Okay Human, a record that’s mostly done. That one’s totally different. It’s inspired by an album from 1970 called Nilsson Sings Newman. It’s all piano-based, but it has a ton of orchestration. We just did the strings at Abbey Road. It’s just gorgeous melodies and extremely eccentric lyrics.”

The band also recently appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, performing their new song ‘Living In LA’ as well as a barbershop-style rendition of their famed 1994 song ‘Buddy Holly’. Watch below.

The band are currently preparing to release new album ‘The Black Album’, of which they’ve previously shared ‘High As A Kite’ and ‘Living In LA’. Earlier this year they also shared an album of covers, feat. songs originally by Michael Jackson, Black Sabbath, a-ha, Tears For Fears and TLC.

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