Listen Corin Tucker teases details of new Sleater-Kinney album

Corin Tucker teases details of new Sleater-Kinney album

A few precious nuggets on the St Vincent-produced record, out this year.

As we know, Sleater-Kinney are releasing a new album this year, produced by none other than St Vincent.

There’s been precious little info about the album since a photo of the four collaborators in the studio emerged.

Corin Tucker has now shared a few precious nuggets, though. She appeared on the Kyle Meredith With… podcast to chat about her new band Filthy Friends, a collaboration with REM guitarist Peter Buck and shared a few details of what we can expect from the follow-up to 2015’s ‘No Cities to Love’, their first record in a decade.

Corin describes the new record as “psychic” and “a little more personal”, also reflecting on how the band’s classic 1999 LP ‘The Hot Rock’ ties into the new record.

Read the February 2015 cover feature with Sleater-Kinney here.

Listen to the podcast below.

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