Album Review PAWS - Your Church on My Bonfire

PAWS - Your Church on My Bonfire

An emotionally bare and open record unlike anything the Glaswegian trio have done before.


“This record documents the last three years of my life” says PAWS’ Philip Taylor of ‘Your Church My Bonfire’ - an emotionally bare and open record unlike anything the Glaswegian trio have done before.

On opening ballad ‘What We Want’, Philip channels R.E.M.’s Michael Stipe with hushed, earnest vocals referring to a fractured father-son relationship - “And I love my father, though not often said”. There’s a pained honesty on the brooding, cello-laden ‘Arachnids’, as he sings “It’s not the game I’d like to play, but I am an addict all the same”. A more light-hearted quip on ‘Honoured To Be Honest’, though, is the album’s stand-out lyric. The song opens: “Drinking my beer on this train and it tastes like shit.”

Special mention must go to the 12-minute album closer ‘Not Goodbye (See You Later)’, a downtempo head-banger chock-a-block with guitar solos, laid back drum grooves and spoken word passages that are coloured by Philip’s soft Scottish accent. It sums up the more astute, post-rock style instrumental side of the band that’s present throughout.

Despite its formula of guitar-bass-drums, ‘Your Church My Bonfire’ packs in a lot of expression through tight melodies - and the emotional depth is amplified by Philip Taylor’s refined vocal performance. It’s not an album that pushes any boundaries by any means, but it’s a commendable expression by some passionate alt-rockers.

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