Watch Bon Iver tease ‘Sincerity Is Forever In Season’

Bon Iver tease ‘Sincerity Is Forever In Season’

The mysterious new clip doesn’t really give anything away, mind…

Bon Iver are back and they’re teasing something new once again: this time, with a clip titled ‘Sincerity Is Forever In Season’.

The video, which was shared across the band’s social platforms earlier today (Tuesday 2nd July), contains tiny snippets of the band’s previous musical offerings, and boasts a lot of quite tranquil, rural imagery. There’s also the tagline ‘Keep It Restaurant’ alongside a final movie-style poster crediting the likes of ‘Scarey’, ‘McC’, ‘Vern’ and ‘Waz’. Yep…

According to the video’s description, the video comes ‘created / produced / directed by Aaron Anderson and Eric Timothy Carlson’.

What any of this means, we’re not quite sure - other than whatever it is is “coming soon” - but it does follow on from two new tracks - ‘Hey, Ma’ and ‘U (Man Like)’ - that were shared after the band’s recent All Points East headline appearance.

Check out the trailer for ‘Sincerity Is Forever In Season’ below.



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