News Florence + The Machine celebrates 10 years of ‘Lungs’

Florence + The Machine celebrates 10 years of ‘Lungs’

Grab yourself a birthday box set full of Florence-themed goodies.

Ah, 2009. Simpler times, eh? Skinny jeans were still a “thing” and Brexit wasn’t, and flame-haired Florence Welch burst into our lives for the very first time, with + The Machine in tow. Releasing the magical debut ‘Lungs’ in July a whole decade ago, it’s - quite rightly - getting a fitting birthday tribute.

To celebrate the milestone 10 year anniversary, Florence + The Machine will be dropping a super special collectors box set, full of unreleased songs, B-sides and two never-before-heard demos ‘My Best Dress’ and ‘Donkey Kosh’. Available on 16th August, there’s also a cloth bound box set with ‘Lungs’ on pink vinyl, postcards, inserts of unseen images, unreleased tracks, and just basically everything a Florence stan could ever want.

Pre-order here!

‘Lungs’ (10th Anniversary Edition) Tracklist:

1. Dog Days Are Over

2. Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)

3. I’m Not Calling You A Liar

4. Howl

5. Kiss With A Fist

6. Girl With One Eye

7. Drumming Song

8. Between Two Lungs

9. Cosmic Love

10. My Boy Builds Coffins

11. Hurricane Drunk

12. Blinding

13. You’ve Got The Love

14. Bird Song

15. My Boy Builds Coffins (Acoustic)

16. My Best Dress (Demo)

17. Donkey Kosh (Demo)

18. Hospital Beds

19. Falling

20. Ghosts (Demo)

21. Postcards from Italy (Demo)

22. Swimming

23. Are You Hurting The One You Love?

24. Oh! Darling (Live at Abbey Road)

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