Watch Family Time offer up ‘Another Night on the Isle’

Family Time offer up ‘Another Night on the Isle’

The London-via-Spain duo also share a surreal new vid.

After wowing with their woozy-pop stylings and weird AF back story, Family Time are finally back with a brand new track. Departing from the styles of their previously released tracks, ‘Another Night on the Isle’ is a dark, twisted tale about isolation, lifted from their forthcoming debut album.

“With ‘Another Night on the Isle’ we wanted to convey a specific mood,” the pair explain. “The two of us had been recording in isolation on an island for weeks, and this song came to be an expression of the darker, more discomforting states of mind that came with the cabin fever. That whole theme fit in well within the context of the album, in which the main character begins to lose his grip on reality as his stay on the isle drags on. We had the great Baris Cavusoglu make a video for it, and he conveyed the mood of the song in a brilliant way. Look out for the little penis-shaped fishies.”

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