News The 1975 are up to something…

The 1975 are up to something…

*Insert that ‘oh shit, here we go again’ meme*

Something’s happening. What is that something? We don’t know. But something is definitely happening.

Releasing the below image today via Instagram and Twitter (yes, Matty has returned to Twitter so you know shit’s going down), The 1975 have driven us all into a collective meltdown, and that’s before the addition of the current heatwave.

Using our top detective skills, it’s clearly to do with their forthcoming album ‘Notes On A Conditional Form’ with the title written in different languages all over what could be the album artwork? Again, who tf knows. The phrase “Wake Up! Wake Up! Wake Up!” also appears. Perhaps a new song? Perhaps a call to action?

We know they’ve been cooped up in the studio working, in-between headlining festivals all over the place, and with Matty promising the new album would be coming “soon” back in April, it looks like it might finally be time.

UPDATE: they’ve just deleted all of their social media so it’s officially time to start freaking out.

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