A Glimpse Into A Tokyo Jungle

Here’s a new image from Sony’s beast-driven action game.

Check out this teaser of an image from Sony’s curious upcoming action game Tokyo Jungle that takes a whole new slant on the post-apocalyptic thing. With manking extinct, animals have escaped captivity and have started ruling the streets of Tokyo.

As the animal of your choice, you must use your cunning, natural instincts and ruthless aggression to seize territory and escape the jaws of your enemies in this original action adventure game.

Tokyo Jungle lists its features as:
Hunt prey, feast on plants and do whatever it takes to stay alive.
Find a mate and then continue the fight for survival as your offspring, with each generation growing stronger.
Play as dozens of different animals from dogs to deer, lions, crocodiles, dinosaurs and more.
Upgrade your skills by unlocking and wearing items of clothing.
Face challenging missions and discover why humans have disappeared.
Team up with a pal in two-player missions offline.
Earn trophies and compare your survival skills in online leaderboards.

Hold on - find a mate and then continue the fight for survival as your offspring? What?! We’re sold.

Tokyo Jungle will be a PS3 exclusive, with no solid release date as yet.