Universally likeable, and destined for great things. Stefan Antoinette has something special up his sleeve.

Name: Attu
Based: London
Similar to: Foals, Two Door Cinema Club

Virtually every existing element in the music of Stefan Antoinette is catered to a certain music fan. Sharp and refined guitar patterns appeal to the kind of people who’re placing Foals ‘Holy Fire’ as their most anticipated record of the year. The simplicity and delicate style of Stefan’s vocals will lure in the Bombay Bicycle Club-listening, Radio 1 addict. And the sophisticated production might even win the odd music snob over into Attu's charms. Just as a Two Door fan could have their head turned, so might a Youth Lagoon addict, or a Foreign Fields obsessive.

One Bandcamp stumble in the Christmas period led to us finding Attu’s debut ‘IV’ EP. It seemed like a remarkably complete work for a bedroom musician who’d spontaneously uploaded an entire debut onto the internet, and after some emailing it emerged that Attu was an extension of Stefan’s more established Delta/Alaska project. Stefan’s been in ‘various bands’ since he was 16. And, now 21, he seems to have settled on his ideal setting. Attu’s music is inviting and showy, heaped in style and character. Although fans of a perceived ‘bed-wetting’ indie style might flock to it, there’s dynamism within these songs that’ll please your average popular music hog and your discerning hipster-type. Universally likeable, and the start of something special. We’re sure of it.