Baby Spotted Crowd-Surfing At Glastonbury Festival

Most surreal Glastonbury-related news of the year goes to…

Upping the anti in the ‘Glastonbury’s a unique festival, honest’ stakes comes the surreal news that among revellers and drunken loons crowdsurfing at this year’s event on Worthy Farm was, well…a baby.

Guardian live-blogger for the weekend Tim Jonze reported on seeing the following at a The Vodka Jellies Karaoke Band show, which saw Michael Eavis join the group on stage to perform ‘Suspicious Minds’.

‘Stop!’ screamed the lady next to me when the baby first emerged. ‘I’m sorry, but this is just not right!’ shouted another. But still the baby marched on, the buggy passed from audience member to audience member. People continued tutting but at least the baby seemed to be in tune with the spirit of the festival: like most Glastonbury-goers, he was unable to form complete sentences and could not handle solid food.”

Before concerned members of the crowd could call in security to solve the mysterious rock ‘n’ roll baby scenario, it emerged that the youngster belonged to a member of The Vodka Jellies Karaoke Band.

Is this the coolest baby since the one that graced Nirvana’s ‘Nevermind’ cover? Time will tell.