Beach Party

This Los Angeles band embody everything we love about Americana.

Name: Beach Party
Based: Los Angeles
Similar to: Everything we love about the 60’s.

Us Brits have always held an alluring fascination with our neighbours from across the pond and Beach Party are the perfect embodiment of this long distance love affair. Beach Party preach an apparent influence that stretches across both coasts of America; from New York’s Television/Strokes-esque indie jangle to the sun-bleached warmth of surfy garage rock that reigns from their hometown of LA - all wrapped up in a blanket of 1960’s nostalgia.

There is a sense of development that occurs when listening to Beach Party. Some tracks such as ‘Catch That Train’ (stream below) and ‘Runaway’ evoke an air of uncertainty as to whether different parts of the music are made by machines or humans, similar to the effect utilised by Dirty Beaches. Whereas ‘Bad Decisions’ sounds like a Velvet Underground-addled heartbreaker that encompasses a full live band sound, which in contrast shows that this duet have possibly added a few members and that this is still a newly established project. Bearing this in mind, it’s scary to see such quality of end product created from a band still in its infancy. ‘Brigette Bardot’ hails a lethargic swaying rhythm and beauteously harmonising backing vocals that rekindle wistful memories of the first time you truly listened to ‘Pet Sounds’.
Just to make the feeling of band envy rise to new levels, the piste de resistance about Beach Party is that they’ve got that whole effortless, rock ‘n’ roll dreamboat look, which probably gets them loads of babes at parties. Grrr.