Behind The Scenes: Los Campesinos!’ ‘Avocado, Baby’ Video

Ahead of its grand unveiling, see Gareth Campesinos! dress up as a game show host for the band’s new video.

In the build-up to their new ‘No Blues’ record, Los Campesinos! spent a day holed up in a studio with a famous actor to film their ‘Avocado, Baby’ video. Craig Roberts (of ‘Submarine’ fame) was a fan of the band and decided to run the whole thing.

The concept? Gareth Campesinos! dressing up as a game show host who’d previously peaked. His drunk and tired character goes out on a wheel of fortune-style rampage - it doesn’t end well. Before the video comes out DIY’s been handed some exclusive stills, plus word from Gareth on how it all came together:

The video has you playing a ‘past-it’ TV game show host. Did you have any inspiration for the role? Were you channelling your inner Les Dennis?
I really loved this ‘role’ actually. I watch a lot of Challenge TV and like anyone my age I’m a massive fan of Alan Partridge, so getting ‘into character’ was worryingly easy. And I suppose, 5 albums into a music career we’re more Roy Walker than Stephen Mulhern!

How long did the whole shoot take? Performing it in one single shot, is it safe to say there were a few hiccups?
We were in the studio for about 9 hours, so not very long at all really. I was hugely surprised with how leisurely a day the occasion was. That’s testament to how good the production team was and how well prepared everything was, from costume to lighting. We ran each section a few times on their own, walking through things and practising the movements, but only did 3 proper, filmed takes. The third was the best and so there it is in its unedited glory. The video’s nearly 5 minutes long, and I was amazed how well we pulled it off. All credit to the extras and actors who helped on the day too. We got about 25 people coming along to Porth for the shoot as a result of asking on twitter and Facebook, and everyone was really enthusiastic and took instruction from the video team brilliantly.

How did Craig Roberts from Submarine end up getting involved? What was he like to work with?
Craig recently starred in a film made by a friend of ours, Jamie Adams. The film’s called ‘Jolene: The Indie Folk Star’ and is well rooted in contemporary music, as you may well guess from the title! Jamie asked us to write an original song for the film, which we did, and subsequently Craig heard us and turned out to be a big fan, offering to make a music video with us. I was absolutely blown away by how good he was as a director. He’s obviously going to be plagued by everyone seeing him as the young kid from Submarine, but on the shoot he was a brilliant leader and dominated the set. He’s a really friendly guy, but a total pro too and the way he pulled it all off and got his team together showed he’s clearly gonna do brilliant stuff in the future.

The video ends on a pretty dramatic note. Would Les Dennis truly be capable of something like this?
100% yes. I think these old-school gameshow hosts would be pretty damning of the way their oeuvre has morphed over the years. In the 80s, the game itself was the star, that’s why you had so many fantastic concepts out there. These days everyone’s after their half an hour on telly and subsequently acts like a show-off when they get it. That’d be enough to make Les snap, I think. I’d love to see Henry Kelly let loose in the Deal Or No Deal studio with a machine gun.

Los Campesinos!’ ‘Avocado, Baby’ video airs later this week. ‘NO BLUES’ is released on 28th October.