Best Of The Xbox Indies - 28th July 2011

We’re ploughing through the latest greats and awfuls.

Here at DIY, it’d be a crime if we didn’t look into independent developers and so we’re committed to trawling through the good and the bad on Xbox Live’s Indie Community so you don’t have to.

Here’s our pick of the latest bunch of indie software you can download now!

Star Ninja - 80 Points

A sort of piratey Angry Birds. Aarrrr-ngry Birds? No? You play a ninja inexplicably throwing shurikens at stationary pirates, abusing the environments to guide the projectiles at those carefully placed foes. It’s thoughtful and increasingly difficult, with genuine and infectious humour.
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Pixel Blocked! - 80 Points

Nintendo-esque puzzler that has you firing blocks at other blocks to complete a box. And if that sentence doesn’t win you over, nothing will! Trust us, this is great. You fill in empty spaces in a box puzzle by firing blocks at it from various angles, however the blocks have to come to a hard stop in the space which, if they’re met with no resistance, they won’t. With special attributes like magnetic and crumbling boxes to slow your success and a missile to delete your mistakes, this is tricky and engaging stuff. It’s not all just blocks and boxes.
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INDIE GAME TOP PICK - Phase Runner - 80 Points

A cosmic and trippy curiosity here. Guide your avatar (yes… we know) around pulsating and constantly adapting psychedelic paths avoiding the attacks of diving pink… things! Collecting gems will increase your health and time will tick away before the phase changes to a completely new path. Looks-wise, it sort of sits somewhere between Rez/Child Of Eden and the Rainbow Road level in Mario Kart. With phases that seem to breathe underneath your avatar’s feet, this is a disorientating and mesmerizing gem that you can’t miss out on. Although, the moody trip hop soundtrack eventually bursts into a Brian May guitar solo, spoiling it a bit.
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WTF WAS THAT AWARD - GHXYK2 Classics Vol. 1 - 80 Points

This is a compilation pack that looks like a gaming project from the local asylum for the criminally and irreparably insane. Barely a game in sight, it’s more of a self-indulgent collection of maniacal and schizophrenic brain melters and sophomoric memes. With a random cartoon generator offering up typically mis-spelled drivel and confusion, the game Maek Like Bike, in which your shoddily drawn bike has to reach Apollo 13 by betraying physics at abnormally fast speeds, offers no sense into the equation. The whole thing looks like someone let a troubled child loose on MS Paint and, altogether, it’s just mental. It’s hard to tell whether it’s endearingly mental or so knowingly mental that it sort of spoils the delight. Regardless, if you want to know what games would be like if you plugged your Xbox into the mind of a village idiot – here’s your chance. Annoyingly, we’re now quite excited about volume two…
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AVOID LIKE RABIES - Virtual Attraction - Part One - 80 Points

Yet another game that replaces genuine human interaction with sex-quest literature and relentless quizzing. Plough through several redundant essays regarding the ‘truths and myths’ about women, analysing them like they’re a separate fucking entity in a jar. Then put what you’ve learned to the test with the ‘training simulator’ in which you bark answers at a virtual girl in a club, hoping to raise the ‘attraction’ and ‘heart rate’ meters to ensure sexy sexy sex. It’s a bit like Dr. Kawashima’s Cock Training. This is fairly well made for someone who obviously has their hand almost constantly on their penis, but it’s unforgivably dull. And the real problem is this line of thought that you can reduce talking to the opposite sex (or, as they’re known in the gaming world, women) to a formula of pick-up lines and stock answers as opposed to, you know, getting to know someone. Pointless, utterly pointless.
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