Bradley Cooper-Starring Paradise Lost Scrapped

Legendary Pictures pull the plug on Alex Proyas epic.

Legendary Pictures have pulled the plug on Paradise Lost, report Deadline.

The epic adaptation of John Milton’s 17th century poem was to star Bradley Cooper as Lucifer, with director Alex Proyas using performance capture to recreate the great battle between good and evil.

The project has hit many stumbling blocks, mainly financial. The studio wanted the cost to be brought down to $120 million before giving the green light, but the effects-heavy film was relying on a grand budget to suit its concept.

Benjamin Walker and Casey Affleck were to play the archangels Michael and Gabreil, with Diego Boneta and Camilla Belle playing Adam and Eve. Rufus Sewell recently became attached to play Samael. Production was meant to being in Australia this summer after being pushed back from January, with Cooper and Proyas already working on pre-production.

The news comes after Akira’s virtual shelving due to budget issues, along with the likes of The Dark Tower and At The Mountains Of Madness unable to get sufficient funding from studios, even with star names attached.

It probably doesn’t help that gifted young upstarts like Josh Trank can score a critical and box office hit with the $15 million Chronicle, whose SFX-heavy action scenes were classier than anything seen in a recent blockbuster.

Cooper will be kept busy with the intense-sounding drama Serena, reuniting with his Silver Linings Playbook co-star Jennifer Lawrence.