Brand New’s Brian Lane: “There’s Brand New Stuff Happening”

As the debut UK release of his side-project Shone looms nearer, we spoke to the drummer about balancing his schedule.

Following on from the cancellation of their upcoming UK and European dates, DIY recently spoke to Brand New’s drummer Brian Lane, who confirmed they will return to the UK in the near future.

Earlier this month, it was announced that Long Island five-piece would not be visiting our side of the Atlantic this summer, as previously planned, in the process cancelling appearances at 2013’s Leeds and Reading festivals.

In a statement on their Facebook page, the band blamed ‘insurmountable personal issues’, and sent ‘sincere apologies to everyone we are letting down.’ At present, we still believe their scheduled US dates are set to take place in September.

Regardless, the internet was sent into overdrive over what the statement could, in fact, be implying, we’re now assured by Lane, when we chat to him about his side-project from the band and working it in to his schedule, that “there’s Brand New stuff happening.”

He’s also unable to comment further on the circumstances in which the cancellation manifested itself, but does offer some further reassurance: “I can say that we will be back and I apologise.”

In the meantime, Lane will be releasing the debut album from Shone - his alternate project – next month. We couldn’t help but wonder if we’ll be privy to a live visit from the group – also consisting of Andrew Accardi, and ‘a revolving door of friends’ – any time soon.

“Ultimately, I would like to tour it but I think, just being more realistic about it, it’s a matter of when we can all do it”, he offers. “You know, it’s just me and Drew, but I have so many things going on that we just try to balance it whenever I can. It’s more of just a fun thing for me than anything else.

“I feel as though it’s a project that I’ve worked long and hard enough on that I don’t want to just put it out and lay it to rest. I would like to give it the support that it deserves. Overall, I think it’s been a pattern for the past twelve or fifteen years with music anyway that, by the time I’m done with a record, all of the songs are two years old already. As soon as the record is finally released, it’s a weight that’s lifted off your shoulders and you just wanna move and make another record.

“So, I mean, definitely even this week, I feel like I wanna try and write some more, but there’s Brand New stuff happening and there’s also the APK production stuff, so it’s just about trying to balance it as best as possible.”

Shone release their debut album ‘Heat Thing’ in the UK on 26th August through Procrastinate! Music Traitors.

Read our full interview with Shone in an upcoming issue of DIY Weekly.