Call Of Duty: Black Ops II Revolution DLC Hits Xbox This Month

The first of four DLC events for the record-breaking FPS.

Activision have announced Call Of Duty: Black Ops II Revolution DLC is to be released on 29th January exclusively to Xbox 360 with, for now, no indication of when it’ll arrive on other platforms.

The first of four promised DLC packs, Revolution includes four all-new multiplayer maps, a bonus multiplayer weapon, an original zombies co-op map and a new zombies mode allowing gamers to become the zombies themselves.

With Black Ops II, the team set out to challenge assumptions about what fans should expect from Call of Duty, and there’s no exception with Revolution,’ said Mark Lamia, Treyarch’s Studio Head. ‘It starts with the massive amount of content that Revolution offers: four distinct multiplayer maps, an entirely new Zombies map and new Zombies mode, and a new bonus weapon. But quantity is just the start — it’s the variety of new gameplay options in Revolution that sets it apart, making it our most compelling DLC offering to date, and a must-play experience for Call of Duty fans.

The DLC ushers in four new multiplayer maps to chase n00bs around and, generally, be unpleasant on the microphone - Downhill is set in the ski country of the French Alps; Hydro takes place in a hydroelectric dam factory in Pakistan; Mirage throws players into a dilapidated luxury resort of the Gobi Desert; and Grind takes the battle to California’s Venice Beach among half-pipes and skate parks. We shit you not about that one.

Revolution is also set to transport gamers to the Far East, where they will attempt to overcome a zombie infestation inside a series of collapsed skyscrapers towering over the remains of an obliterated Chinese city. The new Zombies map, Die Rise, sees the introduction of new, upgradable Wonder Weaponry, as well as the ability to create new buildable devices to fight a relentless army of the undead.

For the first time in Call Of Duty DLC history, Activision are introducing a new multiplayer weapon - the Peacekeeper - a powerful SMG, accompanied by its own set of weapons challenges for additional XP.

Fans can buy the DLC individually from Xbox LIVE on 29th January for 1200 Microsoft Points, but those who have purchased the Call Of Duty: Black Ops II Season Pass will receive it as part of the package. The Season Pass allows gamers to purchase the four DLC Map Packs in advance with a slight discount, and includes the Nuketown Zombies bonus map, as well as an exclusive in-game calling card.