CHVRCHES: ‘We’ve Got More Than Two Songs, I Promise!’

CHVRCHES tell DIY about the pressure of hype.

DIY favourites CHVRCHES have been on quite the upward trajectory this year, but early attention and the h-word (say it quietly, hype) isn’t always good news.

‘Having people talk about your band, that just brings you to the table,’ keyboard player Iain Cook points out, speaking to DIY. ‘It puts you in everyone’s minds, but if you don’t follow it up with something of substance, then you’ll be gone as quickly as you started.’

‘Yeah,’ agrees vocalist Lauren Mayberry, ‘We’re very aware of that, in a way now, there’s a lot of pressure. If we release another song and it’s not very good, I think the backlash could be a more harsh.’

Fortunately, they’ve plenty of material to work with. ‘Our primary focus was just to concentrate on making the best record we can make,’ bandmate Martin Doherty stipulates. ‘Then, even if it doesn’t happen from there, at least we’ll be happy with it. And we’ve got more than two songs, I promise!’

Read the full interview in the December 2012 / January 2013 issue of DIY, available now.

The band - who’ve not long got back from a UK tour with Passion Pit - already have a handful of tracks available online, including ‘The Mother We Share’ and ‘Lies’, which can be heard below, and these two from a recent Huw Stephens session.