Circa Waves: ‘We Just Locked Ourselves Away For A Few Months’

It was important for this Liverpudlian four-piece to hone their art, before introducing it to the world.

For any new band, the pressure begins to mount when all eyes are drawn to their productivity. Play your hand a little too early, and it can all crumble; don’t keep your poker face for just long enough and you’ll be doomed to fail. That’s why is was so important for Circa Waves to spend their time getting things right before introducing themselves to the world.

Even now, there’s not all that much information out there about the Liverpudlian four-piece, but that was all part of the game plan, explains guitarist and vocalist Kieran Shuddall.

‘Yeah, I put the band together about six months ago, roughly, and just started practising and stuff, you know?’ he begins. ‘The songs were already written, so it was just getting all the songs together, really. We just locked ourselves away in a rehearsal room for a few months, just to get a set ready and stuff, and try to ignore the whole record industry world.’

Their approach to perfection was also something important when it came to the live side of things, too. Shuddall even stopped discussions with labels to pursue perfection. ‘Yeah, I had started speaking to people and stuff, like labels and all that, and I wanted to get away from all that and get the live thing sorted and have everything perfect before we went out in to the world with something, ‘cause we didn’t want to release something and not have a band ready for ages. It was quite important to have that all settled, ready to go.’

The months of biding their time paid off last week, when the band released their double A-side debut single ‘Get Away / Good For Me’. Listen to the first half below.

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