Cold In Berlin - White Horse

The most interesting thing about this EP, is the four remixes.

Label: 2076 Records

Rating: 7

Following on from their debut album ‘Give Me Walls’, London art punk group Cold In Berlin offer up the ‘White Horse’ EP. The title track is featured on their debut and is a typical piece of incendiary white hot post punk, but the most interesting thing about this EP is the four remix’s of tracks from the album. Remixes of indie rock bands always tend to be rather staid and bland affairs, however there is a sense of real visceral excitement to the re-workings featured here.

The Voltage Black remix of ‘What Went Wrong’ is radically reworked from the scratchy guitar punk of the original into a brutal piece of electronica, and Baker P.M’s take on ‘If You Take Me Apart’ is in a similar vein. Most striking, however, is the charmingly named Drum Cunt’s version of ’God I Love You’, which is reworked into a thrillingly distorted piece of disorienting dubstep that is far removed from the original. Heretics spaced out trancey take on ’White Horse’ rounds off the selection in suitably chaotic fashion.

It would be incredibly easy for Cold In Berlin to simply release a track from the album filled out with some sub par off cuts, but credit must be given to them for trying to at least offer fans something different.