Earl Sweatshirt Streams New ‘Burgundy’ Single

Earl’s self-damning ‘Doris’ preview could the track that defines him.

Earl Sweatshirt's debut full-length proper ‘Doris’ lands on 19th/20th August (UK/US). The record features Frank Ocean, Tyler, the Creator and RZA among others, the real draw coming in the form of ‘Burgundy’, a track produced by the guy who’s been knocking on every studio door since 2012 began: Pharrell.

‘Burgundy’ documents the pressure of getting the album out, being expected to be the next big thing in hip-hop. Sweatshirt discusses being ‘afraid I’m gonna blow it’ and stating ‘don’t tell me that I made it. Only relatively famous.’

Ironically, it’s the kind of track that will make Sweatshirt. The production is bold, near-rejoicing, going against Earl’s self-deprecation.

The track's streaming on XXL.

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