Evenings Preview ‘Yore’ LP With ‘Friends [Lover]’

Harlem producer is set to release his new album through Friends of Friends.

It’s fitting how Evenings tags this new song on Soundcloud as ‘Morning After the Afterparty.’ Anyone craving an instant hangover cure is sure to find solace in this new cut from the Harlem producer, who preps his new album on the Friends of Friends label.

‘Friend [Lover]’ is taken from the forthcoming ‘Yore’ record. True to its harmonic title, it’s an intentionally soft, eye-opening tilt towards some kind of spiritualist, self-fulfilling mode of thought that few of us can hope to obtain.

Chilled out to the point of forming into a bubbling background noise, a closer inspection leads you into a track that’s brimming with smart percussion, overlapping rhythmics and some beautifully-styled backdrops.

Evenings releases the ‘Yore’ LP on 16th April.

Stream ‘Friend [Lover]’ below: