Exclusive: Listen To Defeater’s ‘Live On BBC Radio 1’ EP

As Defeater release their brand new EP, DIY has the exclusive stream of its four tracks.

For any music fan, it would be a surreal experience to enter into the hallowed halls of Maida Vale, so really, it’s no wonder when musicians get doubly excited about their invitation to perform a session there.

One band that have felt just such an honour is Defeater, who were given the opportunity to record four of their tracks at the renowned studio last summer. And, of course, the best way to celebrate such an occasion would be to stick it on wax.

‘On every level imaginable, this experience was a dream come true for me,’ explains guitarist Jay Maas. ‘Every band from The Cure, and The Smiths to Hot Snakes, and American Nightmare has been recorded behind those walls. It’s nothing but an honor and a treat to now be included on that list. We tracked live versions of ‘But Breathing’, ‘Brothers’, ‘Warm Blood Rush’, and ‘Empty Glass’.’

‘The studio was absolutely gorgeous. It had 20-foot ceilings, great acoustic treatment, a built-in glass vocal booth, and a lounge loft, all contained in the live room. There was a full 48-track SSL board, three silver-faced 1176ln compressors, an E.A.R. Fairchild replica, and hand built near field monitors, which sounded unreal, in the control room.’

The best part? Alongside the release of their ‘Live On BBC Radio 1’ 7’ today, DIY are streaming all four tracks exclusively, for your listening pleasure.

Their four song set, featuring tracks taken from their latest full-length ‘Empty Days & Sleepless Nights’, was as follows.

1. But Breathing
2. Warm Blood Rush
3. Brothers
4. Empty Glass

Defeater release their brand new EP ‘Live On BBC Radio 1’ today through Bridge 9 Records. You can purchase it here.